In addition to our electronic manufacturing, we also have a range of capabilities available for you to help manufacture your product. From box customisation to full mechanical assembly and label printing why not contact us to find out what we can do for you.

Our CNC capabilities can allow us modify enclosures to holes and cutouts for some of the following:

Use in conjunction with our labels and overlays to keep the box sealed to protect your electronics from the elements.


Need to simplify your assembly? We can fit our electronics into an assembly in order to make your manufacture more modular. For many of our customers we have fitted our electronics into enclosures and custom metalwork to provide them with protection from the elements. By making a module containing the electronics and its relevant components wired together in a compact subassembly, we can make your final assembly simpler and faster.

Complete Assembly

Lack sufficient manpower to assemble your products? Don’t want the cost or hassle of employing production staff? From vending machines to medical equipment, we have experience of building a wide range of products for a number or our customers.

Contact us if you want to know how we can help you.

Below are some of the typical applications our labels are used for:

Basic Labels

If you need to display instructions, warnings and technical information on your machine, or just want to promote your company, our labels can give you a stylish way of displaying the information.


Our labels can include clear windows for LEDs and Displays, leaving your users in no doubt of their meaning. The labels also allow you to create a sealed unit without having to resort to expensive waterproof indicators.


Looking for something a bit more stylish than panel mounted buttons? Need a way of clearly labelling the buttons use? By using PCB switches, mounted flush through holes in the panel, our keypad overlays can be fitted over them to give you the design benefits of a membrane keypad without the low quantity costs. They provide you with wipe-clean, sealed surfaces that are flexible enough to withstand the wear and tear of continued use.

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