Electronic Control

Electronics Control

Giving you control

We can provide electronic control systems for a wide variety of industries. From lighting timers to motor control, chemical dosing to energy management systems, we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a system to meet your needs.

We have a variety of products available which may have or be adapted to have the functions necessary to meet your your needs. However, if we don’t have anything “off the shelf” suitable for you needs we do have a full design service available to develop a system specifically for you.

Heater ControllerBeer PumpsDoor Lock MechanismVend Lock SystemHere is a small selection of the types of systems we have created over the years:

Temperature Control

Electronic control systems for accurately controlling the temperature of anything from water, air or even Japanese rice wine. More accurate, reliable and faster reacting than mechanical thermostats, we can also include over-temperature protection into the circuit.

Chemical Dosing

Systems for the accurate measuring and dispensing of chemicals, be it for the mixing of chlorine in swimming pools or liquids for cleaning beer lines.

Motor Control

Electronics for controlling the speed of rotation, the length of time the motor runs or detecting when the motor is being overloaded. Any motor, large or small, we can provide the electronics for your needs.

Security Systems

Security systems for a wide variety of needs from protecting goods in shops to electronics door lock mechanisms.

Wireless Communication

Wireless communication systems for connecting meters to energy management systems or activating cigarette vending machines.

This is only a small example of what we are capable of. Why not contact us and discuss your ideas.