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Quality through-hole PCB assembly

We can now provide you with conventional (through-hole) contract assembly. Our RoHS compliant, lead-free production lines are now available to any company in need of quality low to medium quantity PCB assembly.

If you have a requirement for single-sided or double-sided PCB assembly of any quantity large or small, give us the details of your board and let us see what we can do for you.

Blundell Wave Soldering Machine

Blundell Wave Soldering Machine - Purchased in 2003

Universal Sequencer

Universal Axial Component Sequencer - Purchased in 2007

Universal Axial Insertion Machine - Purchased in 2007

Guideline Price: 5p per joint

What makes us different?

As a company who has been designing and manufacturing our own boards for two decades, we understand the need for a consistent quality of manufacture. After all, it doesn’t matter how good your board design is if your boards fail due to bad manufacturing.

It is because of this need for quality that we have built up our assembly department over the years. By bringing our assembly “in house”, we have been able to keep a tight control of our assembly methods and ensure the level of quality of each board that leaves our factory. This is a level of quality that we can now provide for you.

Experienced Assemblers

All our assemblers are experienced in the field of electronics.

Mechanical Assembly Systems

We have a selection of assembly systems in order to automate production and increase the consistency of our assembly quality.

UK Assembly

All of our assembly is performed on our site, we don’t use sub-contractors and we don’t use off-shore assembly. When you talk to us about your boards you can be sure that you are talking to the people who are doing the assembly and not just an middle man.

Other Services

Electrical Testing

For added piece of mind, we can also provide a test service to ensure that each one of the boards is fully functional before it leaves our building.

Kitting Services

Why not let us take a look at your bill of materials? The relationships that we have built up with a number of large component suppliers over the years means that we may be able to save you money whilst saving you the hassle of sourcing the components.

Want a quote?

As a guideline you can work on a basic price of £0.05 (GBP) per solder joint. This may vary depending on the complexity of of the board or any special assembly requirements. If you are interested in finding out more, contact us with details of the board.

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