Electronic Manufacturing Services

Universal Axial Insertion Machine

Our quality, now available for everyone

We have built up a range of services to ensure that we can provide our customers with everything they need for the production of their products. From PCB and cable assembly to mechanical assembly, we can provide these services to you.

Originally only available to customers who were developing projects with us, these services are now available to anyone who has a need for them. So, if you have a need for professionally assembled boards, cable assemblies or even the full assembly of machines, why not take a look at what we can do for you.

Our range of subcontract services

Light Timer PCBs

PCB Assembly

For many years we have been assembling our own boards to ensure the quality of our products. We know how important reliable assembly is and can now provide you with the same quality of PCB assembly.

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Wiring Loom

Cable Assembly

A PCB is no use unless it is supplied with power and it can communicate with the outside world. We can provide the necessary cable assemblies required to make your product work.

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Medic Bath Electrical Assembly

Mechanical Assembly

Need more than just a PCB? Many of our customers require us to fit our electronics, create a subassembly in order to aid fitting or even assemble their entire machine. Why not see what we can do for you.

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SDF Pulse Meter and Case

Labels and Overlays

Looks matter. That’s why we provide a range of print services for our customers so that their products always make a good first impression.

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