This page contains a small selection of the products we can provide. At the moment it is limited to a brief description of the products. We will be adding pages containing details of these products very soon but if you need to know more about any of these items now, please feel free to contact us.

Industrial Electronics

SDF Pulse Meter and CasePulse Meter Unit

Our pulse meter unit is designed specifically for engineers to monitor pulses from gas meters and generate pulses for the testing of energy monitoring equipment. The device comes with a selection of leads for interfacing to different devices and is approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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Vending Electronics

Totaliser Components Set10-20 Single Price Totaliser Board

A single price totaliser board that is ideal for a simple vending machine. It is adaptable enough to have a range of uses. Selling products, time or access through car park barriers and doors.

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VendTag Cashless Vending Machine

VendTag™ Cashless Vending System

A simple, low cost, cashless vending machine that can be retro-fitted to a wide variety of vending machines. The system provides key holders with a limited or unlimited number of vends from the machine each day.

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12 Selection Board and Display

12 Selection Dispenser Board

If you have a number of products that you need to sell our 12 selection board may be just the thing you need. Able to operate a variety of dispensing motor types, this board can be used to vend a wide range of different products.

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6 Selection Board6 Selection Battery Powered Dispenser Board

Our 6 selection dispenser board is specifically designed for battery powered operation making it ideal for use in areas where mains power is not available. The board has been successfully used for vending condoms, paracetamol and other similar items in public bathrooms.

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4 Ingredient Cappuccino Board4 Ingredient “Cappuccino” System

This set of boards gives you everything you need for mixing and dispensing of hot drinks, from controlling the boiler level and water temperature, to the dispensing and mixing of the ingredients. With user programmable setting, this system makes sure you get the taste you want with the minimum of fuss.

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Electronic Temperature ControlBoiler Temperature Control Box

This unit not only gives you electronic temperature control, but can also be used to control boiler water level and drip tray detection. With safety and reliability built in to its design it is far more accurate and reliable than traditional mechanical thermostats.

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Vend Lock SystemVend Lock System

The vend-lock system, designed to be used with our 12 selection dispenser board, is a wireless method of restricting access to a vending machine. The system has been used on cigarette machines in public houses and restaurants to prevent access by under-aged patrons. The machine, though powered and illuminated, is disabled from use until authorised by a member of staff behind the bar.

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Hobby Electronics

PICFit SMD Adaptor BoardPICFit 64 TQFP Surface Mount Adapter

Our adapter boards, initally used by us for prototyping purposes, are ideal for use by hobbyists. They are an easy way of using the more powerful 64 pin PIC processors with matrix and strip board, converting the fine pitch of the device to a 0.1″ (2.54mm) pin-out. Available as bare boards or fitted with the PIC18F6390-I/PT.

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