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We have a long history of providing electronics for the vending industry. Whatever you are planning on selling, we have the expert knowledge needed to provide you with a system to do it. We have supplied electronic control systems to major companies who went on to win ‘Vending Machine of the Year’ and ‘Vending Machine of Europe’ awards.

We have a range of electronic control systems which we have developed for the vending industry. Whether you want to sell coffee, chocolate or time, we have the experience to help you.

Here are a small selection of the types of system we have provided:

cappuccino machineVending ProductsWashing Machine TimerCappuccino Machines

Our 4 ingredient control system has been used in coffee machines for a number of customers. Able to control the water temperature, dispense the ingredients and mix the drink, these boards are fully programmable so that you can get the perfect drink to your customers taste.

Access Control

Our boards have been used for access control systems on everything from car park barriers to public toilets.

Packet Vending

Our  systems have been used to dispense a wide variety of goods like condoms, cigarettes, chocolate and crisps using a range of different dispensing mechanisms. Anything you want to sell, our boards can be used to do it.

Coin Operated Timers

Our coin operated timer systems are suitable for use in machines for launderettes, snooker hall lights, shower rooms and children’s rides.

Whatever your need, why not contact us to see what we can do for you.