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Safety by design

We here at SDF Electronics have the capabilities to satisfy your contract manufacturing needs for products intended for use in hazardous areas around the world. We can offer a truly global service; ensuring manufactured products meet the relevant national approval standards required.

Our Ex Design Service is the only part of our business that cannot be utilised independently – put simply, we only design products that we will subsequently manufacture. This is a core principle of SDF as we believe that the design cycle and successful manufacture should be linked to guarantee a quick time to market.

Working with regulatory bodies

We established a close working relationship and understanding with regulatory bodies to help with approval of manufactured products, thus avoiding lengthy delays. This ensures we are able to offer a quick turnaround which of course helps drive down overall costs.

Our design team is fully experienced in design and manufacture of products to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Adapt existing products

In addition to the design and manufacture of new products, we are particularly adept at adapting safe area products for use in hazardous areas, utilising many protection concepts to achieve the low cost manufacture and speedy turnaround which is so vital in today’s market.

As an example, the most common protection concepts used are:

Intrinsic Safety – protection level ‘ia’, ‘ib’ or ‘ic’.

Encapsulation – protection level ‘ma’, ‘mb’ or ‘mc’.

Approved manufacturing

We can put together the requisite technical file needed and our manufacturing facility has in place the necessary approval (BS EN13980:2002) to enable quality approved production.

So for all you Ex manufacturing needs, SDF Electronics is here to help – please contact us with any enquiries.